Household Coffee Roasters Machine

Best Household Coffee Roasters Machine

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What is Home Roasting

Having a coffee roaster is very useful if you roast coffee at home, you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different coffee origins, drink freshly brewed coffee whenever you like, and more. Even though the learning curve might be intimidating at first, the sense of accomplishment you’ll get from knowing you roasted and brewed your own coffee in the morning will make it all worthwhile.

Household Coffee Roasters Machine

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Household Coffee Roaster’s Features

  • 500g family capacity: Up to 500g/17.6oz/1.1lb can be baked at a time, the best baking capacity is 300-500g, temperature adjustment is 0-240℃(33-464℉), and the appropriate temperature can be adjusted when baking different varieties of beans. If there are children nearby, please take care of them.
  • Excellent transparent cover: The top transparent cover has 4 vent holes, and the strong aroma of beans is continuously emitted through the holes. Every time you hear a popping sound, you can observe the status and color of the coffee beans to facilitate timely temperature adjustment.
  • Becoming a coffee roast lover: Owning a coffee roaster is a prerequisite for becoming a coffee lover. When you have your own coffee roaster, you can not only roast coffee beans of various flavors, like a dark roast or light roast. but also save money on buying coffee beans in the store.
  • Multi-function: Not only can you use it to roast coffee beans, your families can also use it to roast pecans, almonds, peanuts, sunflowers, popcorn, etc. This nut roaster can meet the roasting needs of a family.
  • Easy to clean and store: After the heating unit has cooled down, please use a rag to clean the bean chaff and grease in the machine, and the lid can be cleaned with water. The machine size is 13x13x5in and weighs 6.6lb. After drying, it can be placed on the kitchen counter or in the cabinet.


Having your own coffee roaster at home is good in numerous ways. It allows you to learn something new every day when you roast your coffee. It helps you to keep your family tight with various activities and experiments. We provide here the best coffee roasting machines for you after carefully investigating the coffee roasting machines you can buy from online or your nearest shop.

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