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How To Make A Drip Coffee Step by Step Guide

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What Is Drip Coffee?

The coarsely ground coffee beans are poured into a filter that is placed on top of a drip coffee maker, and then hot water is “dripped” on top of the filter. This creates the coffee that comes out of the drip coffee maker. As the liquid flows through the filter and into a decanter or coffee pot, which is subsequently used for serving, the coffee grounds are left behind.

When compared to making coffee with an espresso machine, the process of making coffee using a drip coffee maker requires more time since hot water stays in touch with the ground coffee beans for a longer amount of time. When compared to pressed coffee, drip coffee may make coffee in a shorter period of time since the water does not need to be steeped before it is added to the coffee grounds.

How to Make A Drip Coffee

Because drip coffee machines are so simple to use and don’t need the user to have any specific expertise, they are well suited for usage in busy eateries and restaurants. Just make sure the decanter is in place before you start brewing, and make sure to follow the easy directions that are below!

  • You should start by changing the filter in the drip coffee machine.
  • Two teaspoons of ground coffee beans should be added to the filter for every six ounces of water.
  • It’s time to refill the reservoir with clean water.
  • You may choose the brewing time, or you can push the brew button to start the machine brewing instantly.
  • Enjoy your coffee


Hope it’s clear to everyone how to make a drip coffee cup at home or your coffee shop. Practice makes perfect. Just try this out and add value to your coffee life.

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