Bonavita 1L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck

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Brand: Bonavita
Capacity: 1 Liter
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
Voltage: 110 Volts


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  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: With our Bonavita 1.0 Liter Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle you can time, maintain and control water temp from 140° to 212°F for the perfect brew, every time
  • FASTER BOIL FOR BEST BREW: With down-to-the-degree temperature control, this 1000W kettle gives you heated water quickly to steep tea or brew coffee; With its sleek digital display, you can time your water and maintain heat for up to 1 hour
  • CONSISTENT HOT WATER: Hold Button heats & holds temp for up to 60 minutes; Use the Temperature Set Button for quick access to preset brewing temperatures; Adjustable in 1-degree increments between 140˚-212˚F (60˚- 98˚C)
  • YOUR PERFECT POUR: The gooseneck spout provides precise pour control and the kettle’s easy grip handle keeps your pours steady; Made of brushed stainless steel and BPA-free plastic with a Commercial and Household UL Rating; Measures 11″ L x 7″ W x 7.5″ H
  • BREW WITH BONAVITA: Our brewers create an enriching and delicious coffee experience without fuss; As your trusted home barista, our appliances are designed to fit with all kitchen decors and deliver great brews all day, every day – cup after cup!

9 reviews for Bonavita 1L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck

  1. Amazon Customer

    I got mine for 55, not sure how I feel about it being 130 right now, but it was absolutely worth it for me when I got it in Jan ’21.I found that the steep timer stops around 6 minutes, and the timer only runs until you replace the kettle on the base, which was a little annoying, but other than that I have no complaints.I wouldn’t do anything but heat water in it, as thoroughly cleaning anything from in/around the neck looks like it would be a bear.

  2. V

    I liked this kettle but I bought three because they only last a few years. This Bonavita seems rather fragile, the base just stopped working twice and the spout came off once. I was careful to leave the plastic cover on it after the first base broke (which is gross and ugly) but it didn’t seem to work. I’m not that rough with my things, I haven’t broken all of my other appliances and my china! Now I have a Cosori gooseneck with preset temps which is great and hasn’t broken yet. Also, the new kettle doesn’t burn my hand when I put cold water in the hot kettle, something to do with the shape of the handle being less curved and further away I think.

  3. Christine Amsden

    This is my second time buying the Bonavita … I bought my first in February of 2019 (according to Amazon’g records) and loved it for all these years. It’s easy to use, heats water quickly, and rarely needs cleaning. When my first one was damaged (long story, but I promise it was not its fault), I immediately rebought the same one. Barring freak accidents, I expect to have it for a long time.

  4. j

    No complaints, but I was surprised to see the price has risen so far above the $49 I bought mine for in 2019.

  5. mamakat

    Easy clean quiet quick and accurate

  6. J. Seyfert

    When we got an AeroPress in July 2018, we realized we needed a convenient way to heat the water to a specific temperature, since you should not be using boiling water for your AeroPress. I reviewed a number of adjustable temp kettles before deciding on this one. Specifically, I was looking for one with an easy to set temp that also remembered the previous setpoint. This one fit the bill, and we bought it a week after we bought the AeroPress.For over a year and a half, this has been cranking out hot water for us. Typically it is used twice each morning for coffee for my wife and I, who usually get up and moving at different times, and in the winter I use it considerably for making tea throughout the day.Turns out, maintaining the previous setpoint wasn’t all that useful after all (though it still is nice), since my wife and I have settled on different temps for making coffee in the Aeropress. What is useful is the quick temps. With one button, it cycles through preset temps of 140, 176, 185, 190, 205, and 208 °F (or equivalent °C if in °C mode), and we’ve ended up using this almost exclusively. I brew coffee with the 176 °F setting, my wife uses 185 °F. Since you have to add water after you use the AeroPress (or milk/etc), I usually brew the coffee, then set the pot back on the base and tap the preset temp button several times to the 208 °F to top off my mug with really hot water, as I like hot drinks. So we typically are pressing this button numerous times per day, and they’ve obviously used quality buttons since it shows no signs of wearing out. The temp can be adjusted in 1 °F increments from the preset using the + and – buttons (and again, it always turns back on to the last used temp, whether that is a pre-set or custom temp). Adjustable range is 140 °F to 212 °F.Temp accuracy: If I put my meat thermometer right at the temp sensor, the thermometer reads ~2 °F higher than the kettle. Not a big deal, and explains why a roiling boil happens at a displayed 210 °F and it never reaches 212 °F.Hold button: By default, the pot shuts off when it reaches the set temp. Pressing “hold” will have the pot maintain the set temp for an hour before turning off. You can press hold as soon as you turn the pot on and it will climb to your set temp and hold. Great for turning the pot on and taking a shower, and it will be at just the right temp when you get back to it.Cleaning: They say to use only a “special” cleaner that they sell…go figure. Nah, I put half a pot of vinegar, half a pot of water, turn to the 208 °F preset and “hold” for an hour. When I get back to it all the calcium buildup is gone. Rinse with water and refill for your next use.Rust: I’ve seen people mention rust. One time I thought I saw signs of rust, but cleaning with vinegar removed it and I haven’t seen it since. Maybe it was iron in the water or maybe something was growing. Not sure.Calcium: As with all pots used to boil hard water, calcium will build up on the bottom. This starts flaking off after some time, and with the spout going to the bottom of the pot any calcium flakes that break off will come right out of the spout immediately on pouring. This could be an issue depending on your point of view. If you don’t like this, get a pot with a top-pour spout and this won’t happen. Cleaning more often or using distilled water are two ways you can fix this. The other way is to just not drink your coffee/tea to the very bottom of your cup, i.e. don’t tilt your cup “up” past horizontal and leave just a tad in the bottom and you won’t accidentally “drink” these calcium bits.Other: The pot can swivel 360° on the base, and since it has a temp sensor in the pot the power and temp signals are transmitted through the use of a pin and 4 concentric rings of metal on bottom the pot that contact 5 spring loaded pins in the base (the power pins are recesses and cannot be touched on accident, plus the base will not supply power if the pot is missing). I have noticed (only occasionally) that something, I assume minor corrosion, will occasionally throw off the temp reading or recognizing that a pot is attached. Usually this seems to happen if you put the pot at a different angle then normal. If this happens, the fix is easy. With the pot fully lowered on the base, just swing it back and forth a few times until the temp display stops changing when the pot is rotated. Again, I’ve only noticed this once or twice. Could have just been a piece of dust or something got on a contact.Summary: Great pot, accurate temps, handy pre-sets, holds last temp in memory, reliable and long lasting. Will definitely order again if we need a replacement or if we want a dedicated one for our RV rather than taking this one with us.

  7. Bobbler

    2018 EDIT:Still five stars five years later, and I’m about to buy my third 1L bonavita kettle.I spent the week reading reviews figured I would try something different, but Amazon says I bought this pot five years ago, and it still working like new (and I use it every day).I don’t want to risk buying another brand where I cannot control the temperature the way I want. This kettle remembers your last setting when you push one button.You can set the temperature to anything you want it remembers it. There is a button that cycles through preset temperatures, but then the arrow keys allow you to zoom in on exactly the temperature you want. This is probably not very important for coffee or basic black tea, but if you are really a tea drinker temperatures vary dramatically (people brew Japanese green tea for example Starting at around 120°F). Although my favorite senchas brew from 160 to 170 F.When you push the button to heat the water, it remembers the last setting and it heats up to that setting and holds it the temperature to within about 1°. I believe there is a timeout feature but it has never intruded on my tea drinking. For your second and third brews you have to remember to hit one button when you put the pot back on the base (so it will hold the temperature).The gooseneck spout is the best there is for pouring into those little teapots, or for pour over coffee as well. But if you are very impatient this might be a disadvantage if filling a large cup is your only use for this pot.After reading complaints on Amazon of the temperature being off, I checked mine with a cooking thermometer at 170°F, it was spot on. This is the one that has been abuse for five years.My previous review below sucks (reading it five years later). I believe I was comparing the Bonavita kettle to the basic on off kettles. Shortly after I started using it there is no confusion whatsoever with what button to push. I mean come on there are only four buttons.For one person definitely choose the 1 L size. I keep mine full of water, or else if you don’t use it every day the water could become musty. The larger size for one person risks boiling the oxygen out of the water (which is not optimal for making tea or coffee). With the smaller size more freshwater is cycled through that hasn’t been boiled to death.~2013 EDIT:Its really hard to find a water pot that pours well (although most of the electric stainless steel ones do).. Havent actually used this yet for pour over, but I can tell it will work great (because you can aim the pour and the water volume seems about right)..CON;Slightly slower to heat water because it cycles on and off while the electronics control heating (no big deal for me). Pours slow if you just want to fill up a cup then dunk a tea bag in (kind of a pain).. If I did not want this for pour over use specifically, I would not recommend the skinny spout..PRO:Spout pours great for aiming into little teapots, or for pour over coffee.. The temp setting IMHO is great. Much more convenient than speed of heating. I have a manual induction water pot that heats very quickly. But it will boil like mad if I don’t stay and watch it. This pot will hold a temp, so it is more convenient to walk away and come back in a few.I Haven’t played with the temp enough to check it out completely. But it is at least adequate. It does not go full steam ahead to get up to the temp setting, so it takes a little longer (you can hear it cycling on/off). I believe it is slightly more quiet than my old electric pot. It does remember my last setting (now if only I could remember which button to push to start it.. I wish the main button were different than the others). I suppose I will eventually remember which one it is..I chose the smaller one because I only put the water I want to heat, into the pot (then expect an empty pot to dry afterwards). BUT I find it difficult to drain the pot completely .. When I try I end up pouring out the lid too.. Not a deal breaker. But I don’t like my water to get stale. But leaving water in the pot can draw a musty smell over time, and heating the same water over multiple times will boil the oxygen out so it deosnt brew well (but perhaps Im overthinking this part)..

  8. Nicole Tedesco

    I had one of these for about two years nothing ever went wrong I just had to clean some buildup around the rim but it worked perfectly. Then I moved out of state and tried to purchase a cheaper kettle of a different brand. It broke after a few days. This one is worth the money nothing ever went wrong for two years. So I purchased another one of these. There are cheaper options out there but that’s exactly what you will get.

  9. Fruit Fly

    I’ve used this for pour-over and Aeropress exclusively. I normally leave unused water in the kettle and just add to it in the am. Never had an issue with rust or corrosion. It heats to temp in 5 min. Between pours, it maintains temp. The handle is cool to the touch and the spout is angled in a way to easily aim into the brewer.I wish the spout was angled a little bit more horizontal. This would help in aiming the water stream. The water stream is a bit aggressive but otherwise a nice kettle. I mostly brew in a V60 and on occasion the Aeropress.

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