Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine

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Brand: Calphalon
Capacity: 2 Liters
Color: Stainless
Special Feature: Manual
Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine


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  • Note 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • 15-Bar Italian pump delivers the right amount of pressure for maximum flavor extraction and produces a beautiful layer of crema for your Espresso
  • Dial interface for selecting steam, hot water, and pre-programmed single and double shots
  • 58mm café-sized porta filter holds more ground and ensures even water dispersion and extraction for robust flavor
  • Thermoblock heating technology and PID temperature control deliver even heat for consistently great-tasting Espresso, and pre-infusion gently blooms The espresso grounds for optimally extracted Espresso
  • Removable 2.0L water reservoir with hinged lid for easy filling
  • Cup warming tray for espresso-ready cups and steam wand froths milk for creating cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks, just like in coffee shops
  • Includes stainless steel milk pitcher, tamper, and cleaning pin (Cleaning Pin located in the ‘Accessories’ storage area under the Drip tray )

8 reviews for Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine

  1. Anand S. Peri

    I’m not one who writes reviews but the espresso bug got to me. If you are looking for a good espresso machine with 58mm portafilter and good steam wand this should be in your top 3 choices. I have had couple of espresso machines in the past but for the past few years have been drinking percolator based coffee.Many folks mentioned its difficult to insert the portafilter; most likely you have filled the basket with more than optimum coffee level. I can easily insert the portafilter with 19gm but if it gets over 20 its not easy.I have been trying to dial in the espresso for a week now; I have dark roasted espresso whole beans from Starbucks. I have a Breville smart pro grinder … did multiple adjustments and measured my beans, grind and paid attention to the puck prep etc etc. I still keep getting a little burnt and bitter coffee out of this with good crema. I think the brew head temperature needs to be adjusted but I can’t access that. For this reason I’m giving this 4 stars and I will try to buy some medium roast beans and give it a try.Pros:1) Price, Steam Wand, 58 mm portafilter, large water tank.2) Good quality build and simple intuitive design3) Fast start up … just 30 secondsCons:1) The water tank is at the back and its difficult to find the water level and there are no indicators that notify you of low water level.2) The knob is very simple to use but its easy to skip around if you are not careful; not a big deal but its annoying. I would have preferred buttons.3) The programming options are very minimal; only thing I could adjust is the volume of the espresso pour4) They should include a single wall filter basket and remove that plastic from the portafilter; I will buy a bottomless portafilter with a VST basket5) Espresso quality; I’m still struggling to get a shot that is not bitter but I’m quite hopeful I will figure it out soon and update the review.

  2. Ellen C

    I’ve been wanting an expresso maker for a while ,and have been researching different brands for the past 6 months.This caphalon machine popped up and I decided to go for it.I am machine phobic of things being too complicated,but this is so easy to use.Heats up quickly and makes excellent expresso.Very easy to clean.The best purchase I have made on Amazon.

  3. Tracey M

    This makes me happy!!No longer am I running to the coffee shop for my lattes on the daily. I am def getting a bigger steaming picture this one is small. I have read comments that it does not produce a very hot product. I agree I just make sure I use a thermometer to steam my milk to get it as hot as I want.The 2 shot setting is really 1 and half shots. So if you want a true 2 shot you will want to make 2 separate 1 shot pulls or draws or whatever it is called. Steaming is easy though I recommend putting the wand in the milk first or it will go everywhere. This is def more messy than a Keurig, pour over or drip coffee but once i got everything situated the process flowed better.I was worried about what size cup would catch the espresso, since it did not come with shot glasses, it did not want to go too small and have the pressure behind the espresso cause it to run on the outside of the cup. The espresso flows out of the portafilter very nicely as long as you have a cup that fits under the extraction holes you should be fine.I purchased a separate electric coffee grinder.. A Capresso.. I works on a timer and has 16 different size grinding options.I went with a medium espresso roast local bean and am very happy with the final product.The machine does make a jarring sound and I wondered if it was broken at first so I watched a few videos and the machines all sounded the same way.I am going to get a wooden box to dump the used espresso in and set it next to my machine. This will make the process smother than walking it grounds to the trash can and hope the filter basket does not fall into the trash.Again all in all I am very happy with my first espresso machine purchase.

  4. Lori A.

    This works just as well as the Breville I had. The body feels slightly cheaper, but the quality of the shots as well as the steam works fine. It is a smaller profile which is what I wanted. It uses way less water than the Breville and is quieter. It still make noise, but not like the Breville, The steam/foam wand works great. More crema also with this one than the Breville. The taste is not superior to the Breville, but it works for me and the price was right. I hope it lasts long.

  5. EarlA

    Review and updateOriginal Review (Purchased Sep 19, 2021)This review details my experience in switching from automatic espresso machines to a Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder and Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine, both purchased on Amazon.We’ve had automatic espresso machines since returning from a trip to Italy in 2006. We’ve owned 4 in total, 1 Saeco and 3 Delonghis. I once opened up our Delonghi Magnifica and the insides are a cornucopia of hoses, wires, and complexity. All 4 were prone to failure and long delays for round trip servicing. Our last Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 round tripped for repairs 3 times in under 3 years. And the prices have risen sharply!Incorporating grinding, tamping, and brewewing in a single machine creates complexity. I decided to trade a bit less in automation in the hope of far more reliability. That decision launched detailed research and comparison of both grinding and espresso brewing machines. I selected a a Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder and Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine, both with free return priviliges. The grinder and espresso machine came to roughly $200 less than another Magnifica.I am nothing short of thrilled with my decision. Surprisingly, the total daily time required to service the machines and make an average of 6 single shot lattes per day did not increase. Here is my routine:1) Walk into kitchen and hit both power buttons (quick startup means the machines are not on all day)2) Grab the Calphalon portafilter (58mm single shot, double wall, ridged basket) from its resting place on a towel, and insert it into the Breville grinder. The grind stops automatically in 10+- seconds.3) Roughly level the coffee, then firmly tamp and twist the tamper. By the time the coffee is tamped, the brewer is warmed up and ready.4) Insert the portafilter into the Calphalon brewer, twist to lock, insert cup under, and move dial to single shot. While the single shot is brewing, I pour 2% low fat milk into the foaming pitcher.5) Move the dial to steam and wait a few seconds for the temp to increase for steaming. When steam is ready, it pauses long enough to allow tilting the wand and inserting the pitcher. Apply tip to milk at 3 oclock which forces circular rotation.6) Steam the milk for 45-60 seconds into a very tight, smooth foam. (Calphalon provides an excellent tutorial on steaming which grealty improved the quality of my foam. I prefer the KRUPS XS5012 Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher (Amazon) to the Calphalon cup for its width and handle.)7) Wipe the foaming wand tip with a damp washcloth, drop wand tip toward the tray, move the dial to hot water for a few seconds to flush milk out of the wand.7) Pour the foamed milk into the cup8) Release the portafilter and flush it thoroughly with hot water spray at kitchen sink, and place on towel to dry. (I tried a knock box but it was messy. The ridge on the basket helps keep the basket in the portafilter when tapping out the grounds.)9) Empty the brewer tray once a day, occasionally top off the machines with coffee and filtered water (big tank), I plan to descale the brewer and clean the grinder burrs once a month.I’ve been doing this for several weeks now and my lattes are consistently wonderful. I plan to do a bit of experimenting with single wall and non-pressurized baskets and some other roasts when I have the time but no rush.The Breville has a dial on the side for precise grind settings from espresso to drip and press. and a button on the front to select the number of shots/cups. The default grinds at both espresso and drip work well for my espresso and my wife’s drip.The Calphalon includes both single and double shot baskets and dispenses the extra hot water required to dilute espresso to Americano.The Breville has a 1 year warranty so I purchased the extended warranty. The Calphalon has a 3 year warranty. The utter simplicity of the machines and operation lead me to believe the reliability will handily exceed that of the automatics.Update Nov 05, 2021I have some additional comments and am reducing my ratings from 5 stars to 4 for both Breville and Calphalon.Breville grinderThe grinder is under-powered for espresso and I ended up returning the first unit because is labored so hard doing espresso grinds (12 setting). I deeply researched competitive grinders and decided to try another Breville. The replacement is also under-powered for espresso but the price and features make it worth a bit of compromise.I’ve purchased the 40oz packages of Starbucks French (Dark) Roast from Costco for years but have read that dark roast is hard on grinders. I purchased a couple of 40oz bags of Kirkland Medium Roast to give it a try. I tried the replacement grinder with the Medium Roast and a 16 setting. It still labors but labors less and I’m getting more consistent grinds. Purchasing the extended warranty for this machine was a good decision.Calphalon Espresso MachineI still like this machine and have developed a rhythm in using it. My knock on Calphalon is a total lack of customer service. I used the website contact form to inquire regarding a second portafilter and single wall baskets. No response! Other reviews mention customer service issues. I would not ignore them. Keep in mind that purchasing an extended warranty provides no benefit or backup during Calphalon’s 3 year warranty period.

  6. FabioBarneyBenton

    I bought this because I was spending way too much at Starbucks. I know it’s not a primo machine but it really suits my needs. It took me a little time to figure out how to make my favorite Starbucks drinks but I did it, only better. I only drank my home brewed drinks for a month straight and because of time, I slipped off to Starbucks for a quickie. What in the actual heck have I been paying so much money for?!?!? It was awful compared to what I make at home. It literally ticked me off at myself for all of the money I’ve spent at Starbucks over the years. I love the ease of this machine and it looks good on my little coffee bar.

  7. bookkook

    I had a very high end hand made espresso machine – entirely manual, and I think it was 2500$. I did not get custody of it however I retain the experience as a point of reference. In comparison this little creature is incredible especially at this price point. Very easy to use, good crema, good steamer, easy to clean. The rationale for 4 stars not 5. 1-) the portfilter never dries out so I have to scrape soggy grounds out and rinse and dry it after every use 2-) the steam wand has to ‘warm up’ which is fair but the process includes blowing a bit of water out, enough to change the flavor of the milk so you can’t just turn on steam and go. I use a towel to catch the water then replace it with milk pitcher. Overall though, well worth the investment.

  8. Amazon Customer

    This machine makes tasty espresso, but it is so loud. It also leaves the grounds wet, and the bottom fills with water during normal operation that needs to be dumped out. I’m not crazy about this machine and would recommend trying a different brand.

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