Coffee Bean Roaster Machine for Home Use


Size: 110V
Color: Upgrade
Color: Upgrade
Item Weight: 6.8 Pounds
Wattage: 1200 watts
Capacity: 750 Grams


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  • ☕Upgraded Home Coffee Roasters: 0-60 minutes timer function and professional thermostat automatic constant temperature heating. Adjustable temperatures from 100-240℃(212-464℉) can be adjusted freely to bake different grains. Strong controllability, easy for beginners to control.
  • ☕High Efficiency: 110V coffee bean roaster has a powerful agitator, that roasts 750 grams (1.65lb/26.45 ounces) of green coffee beans in 25 minutes, and larger roasting chambers for big-volume roasting. Honeycomb chassis, honeycomb design, black food grade Teflon layer, safe, easy to clean, evenly heated.
  • ☕Ingenious Design: The transparent cover is heat resistant, and durable, with a top four-hold ventilation system, and you could see the process and change of coffee beans easily all the time. Standing handle for easy placement of lid. Both sides of the anti-scalding handle thickening widening the anti-scalding easy to hold.
  • ☕Easy Use: Automatic coffee roaster is great for beginners who are just starting to roast coffee at home. Very easy to use, and has greater operability, just choose the desired temperature for different roasting requirements, the thermostatically controlled roasting elements make sure the roasted beans are evenly and reached the desired roast level.
  • ☕Multi-function: Affordable coffee roaster machine can be used to roast many kinds of beans including peanuts, chestnuts, barley, dried fruit, popcorn, and so on. It could be used for a home, coffee shop, or restaurant. It is a dual-use Baking Machine that does the job well.


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