COSORI Electric Kettle Gooseneck

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Capacity: 0.8 Liters
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Matte Black
Special Feature: Manual


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  • The price mentioned here was taken on 15 Dec 2022
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Reading Time: < 1 minute
  • 5 One-Touch Presets: Your Gooseneck Electric Kettle features 5 precise temperature presets. The accurate variable presets allow you to never again burn your coffee or tea leaves
  • 1 Hour Keep Warm: Use the HOLD TEMP function to keep the contents of your kettle warm for up to 1 hour and enjoy at a later time; The excellent temperature control ensures that the water temperature is within ±5 ℉
  • The Purest Taste: The electric kettle’s durable interior, lid, and spout are made with food-grade 304 stainless steel; Enjoy a longer-lasting product without worrying about any plastic taste
  • Precise Pouring: A essential choice for making pour-over coffee; the precision spout and counterbalanced handle helps you to pour steadily and easily, which means you can get a fresh cup of pour-over coffee at home anytime
  • Turning Off The Ready Tone: Your electric kettle features a ready tone that beeps 3 times when the water reached the preset temperature. And the beep alert can be turned off by pressing and holding HOLD TEMP for 8 seconds
  • Fast and Safe: Boil up to 0.85 quarts of water in 1–5 minutes with 1200W power; Enjoy safety features with powerful STRIX Thermostat Technology such as auto shut-off and boil-dry protection for less stress in each brew
  • Gift Ready: Comes with elegant gift boxes which is a perfect gift for tea/coffee lovers. (Such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Helpful Service: Please note that this voltage (120V, 60Hz) ONLY applies to USA and Canada

9 reviews for COSORI Electric Kettle Gooseneck

  1. Bobbie

    First off, this kettle is very attractive! The Gooseneck spout is really cute and functional. You don’t have to tip it much to pour. I can pour the remaining cooled water into a house plant without having to almost tip it upside down.I like the smaller size of this kettle. I am a 1 cup in the morning tea drinker, so I don’t need a large kettle taking up counter space. The temp choices are great and easy to use. I can set a lower temp for green tea or whatever. The hold feature is awesome because I tend to get busy in the morning and can forget I have the kettle going for tea. It keeps it at the desired temperature until I am ready. We’ll keep the temp set to hold for a Christmas party this year to have the water ready for Hot Buttered Rum drinks!

  2. e_whospends_money

    I drink green and herbal teas and love that I can avoid scalding my tea with the specific temperature selections. I haven’t tested the accuracy of the different temps, but I love the white tea setting and “hold temp” for my 2x daily matcha and my herbal teas at night. The only thing I wish was for a higher capacity that would still boil almost as fast…

  3. k

    My tea had a chemical/plastic taste for about the first 15 uses even though I boiled full pot of water as directed to clean it. From what I understand stainless steel has a coating during manufacturing that eventually boils, or wears off. Because you can only fill the pot to the max fill line and not to the very top not all the coating boils off. I’m assuming the steam eventually loosens it, which probably caused the plastic taste. It works fine now! Kettle set temp is about 2-3 ° less than expected ( checked with instant read thermometer). It isn’t noticeable, tea tastes fine. Using the electric kettle is so much faster than boiling water on a stove. Definitely worth it!

  4. SRC2010

    I absolutely love this kettle. I love the shape of the spout which allows very even pouring. I also like that you can keep it warm for additional time.if I had to choose one con is that the max line doesn’t seem to give you quite enough water. However, the water heats up so quickly, it really doesn’t matter if you need additional.

  5. V

    This is a lovely little kettle with a graceful spout. It pours quite nicely, no splashes, and it feels good in the hand. I’ve used it one year so far, using it several times a day, and so far it’s good! I like that the lid is also metal, and seems well-designed as it hasn’t burned my hands with steam or splashes like my previous gooseneck kettle. The presets work for me but being a mile high the water doesn’t get very hot, if I set it to the highest temps it will try&try&try&boil&boil&boil until it boils dry and then I will have to reach back around to unplug it. But the safety cut-off works lol, no melting — a vast improvement over stovetop kettles (and it’s much faster!)However, it is just not big enough. I can barely warm the filter and one cup. I’m buying a coffee maker for anytime I need to make more than that one cup. Also, I miss having infinitely variable temperature options a bit, I had my perfect temp but this kettle only does in between.Overall, I really do like it and would recommend it. And probably buy it again if it broke, especially at this price compared to Instagram-famous kettles. Here’s hoping it lasts many more years!

  6. Diane E.

    I was looking for an electric kettle that was compact, had a complete set of temperature controls, and was reasonably priced. I had given up, and then I stumbled across a description of the Corsori kettle and decided to give it a try. It’s exactly what I wanted–controls for every type of beverage, a great price, and a small, easy-to-use design. It heats very quickly, retains its temperature for an hour, and also looks great.

  7. Theron L.

    I love this electric kettle. It is easy to use, simple, and I love the shape of the pot. The spout is great for pour over. I do have one issue with this pot: there is no indicator to show when your water comes to temperature. If you don’t hear the beep or you stepped out of the room and missed it and your pot is set on temperature hold mode then you have no idea if it came to it’s set temperature and is holding or if it’s still heating up. If they would make the temperature hold button blink until it was at temperature and then solid once that temperature was reached then I would give this product 5 stars without hesitation. Yes, it takes longer than other pots to come to temperature and has a smaller capacity than other pots but it’s low enough current I can have it connected to a standard outlet without worrying about it throwing the breaker. It’s a perfect companion for my aeropress and my tea pot.

  8. Eczema Mom

    I like this kettle, I had one for a year and then my husband knocked it off the counter and it shattered. I bought it again because it’s my favorite and it makes making loose leaf tea easy. I didn’t see any rust or wear the older one I had before and it’s really just a beautiful kettle. The only cons I had is that it’s obviously breakable and it’s slightly difficult to clean the spout, I had to bend a straw cleaning brush to a weird angle to be able to fully clean the inside of the spout. But other then that it’s awesome

  9. Madeleine

    I’ve had for over a year now and it’s been my favorite electric kettle I’ve owned. Sleek style (matte black), buttons are simple and easy to use. I like the hold temp feature and how fast it boils water. Perfect for pour over coffee, instant noodles, baking/cooking.

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