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Upgrade 110V-120V


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  • V-120V


  • HOME COFFEE BEAN ROASTER: With an independent timer and 100-240 ℃ adjustable temperature control system, it can not only bake coffee beans of different degrees but also bake nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, popcorn, etc. One machine is versatile, and it is a good helper for home baking.
  • 800G LARGE CAPACITY: The best baking capacity is 300-500g, less than 300g will lead to uneven baking. The automatic mixing rod drives the beans to rotate and turn at a uniform speed. It is necessary to take out the damaged beans and too-small beans in advance.
  • TRANSPARENT GLASS COVER: The glass cover with 4 ventilation holes can be used to observe the baking of beans at any time, and smell the aroma of beans in different baking stages. The honeycomb nonstick pan bottom can be wiped clean with a damp cloth after use, which is easy to clean.
  • EASY TO USE:110-120V,1200w high power, easy to operate, you can bake a favorite coffee in 25 minutes, which is very suitable for beginners and coffee lovers. You can also give it to your coffee-loving family and friends, which will be a surprise.
  • Warranty: We offer a one-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product, If you are not satisfied with the product, you can apply for a return within 30 days of the order date and get a full refund. Contact us if you have any questions about the product.

5 reviews for Electric Coffee Beans Roaster for Café Shop Home

  1. etisb

    I’ve been roasting more than 100 pounds of coffee per year since 2002. Five previous roasting machines perished – I bought increasingly expensive machines, and the demise of the last one was partly due to my unwittingly loosening a wire when cleaning the inside. Given $600-$1100 replacement/repair costs, I was ready to try a less expensive machine. With high heat and moving parts, no roaster will run for a lifetime without refurbishing or replacement.This is actually a Bar Well SCR-300, but you will not find many English-language articles on the Internet for it. It has an on-off switch and a temperature rheostat. Arms stir the beans, and there is a thin riveted strip that jostles the beans when they are swept across it. There is no chaff collector and no fan. Instructions call for 10 minutes at 140 C, 5 at 180, 5 at 210. Other reviewers here are using higher heat levels, and I have moved from 180/210 to 190/230 for city-plus roasting level.I tried 4, 6, 8, and 12 ounce batches. I settled on 8 ounces at 20-25 minutes in a car port outside. You will probably want a strategy for handling the smoke. Chaff can be blown off, and beans dumped onto colander or perforated pizza pan to cool. I season the non-stick surface with a couple of drops of olive oil – definitely debatable whether seasoning will extend the life of the surface. The inside of the lid gets coated with residue – easily cleaned with soft scouring pad and cloth. The large lid provides wonderful visibility of the beans being roasted, but you need to ignore the spinning chaff’s color and concentrate on the bean color, roasting smell, cracking sound.My significant other and I agree that the finished product is as good as the output from more expensive roasters.Watch out for the packet that contains the washer and screw to attach the lid – definitely needed and apparently missed by another reviewer. One of the feet came off – I glued all of them to prevent that from reoccurring.Update at about my one-hundredth roast. Beans that produce significant amounts of large chaff pieces (e.g. “honey” coffees/wet-processing) have needed me to lift the lid and blow/jostle that chaff out of the way; otherwise the chaff acts like a dam and blocks the beans from being swept around. Other than this issue, I still have no complaints worth posting.Update after about 550 roasts. The heating element finally failed, and I purchased another unit – it is very different from the original. Bowl is wider, stirring rod allows some beans to get stuck, and rod’s speed is slower. Dial now has LED light. Original had 5 minutes for coffee to cool – later model takes 10 minutes. At 60 roasts…output is uneven, but the brewed coffee is consistently better than brews with the old unit I did need to tighten the nut on the rod to reduce beans getting stuck, and now it’s just an occasional small bean at the end of the rod. I am running 8 minutes at 100, 5 minutes at 140, then up to 230 until second crack is relatively frequent.At about 240 roasts, the second unit’s switch failed – 4 days past the one-year warranty expiration. I ordered my third unit.

  2. Futuristic

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     I have had this product for over a year. It’s easy to use and keeps the flavor! The only down side is you can’t set a timer. As long as you are watching your coffee closely, this product is amazing. The next generation should be with a timer option.

  3. Fitz

    I purchased this roaster for my husband for Christmas along with green beans. Since the day after Christmas we’ve roasted close to 30, mostly 1/2 lb batches of coffee. Our roaster does a surprisingly even roast to Full City+/Vienna Roast (our preference). We found that larger roasts really don’t roast as evenly. Our coffee has been truly excellent and we love experimenting with different types of coffee. I would caution purchasers that following the instructions included with the machine, in our opinion, does not result in a very good cup of coffee. The only thing that I would recommend is that you invest in an infrared thermometer to test the temperature of the beans. The thermostat on the unit is not exactly accurate Particularly if you roast one batch after the other. The thermometer we bought was only $25 and takes some the guesswork out of when to take the beans off the heat. Also, we found that setting it up on the stovetop under the exhaust fan is a must. There are definitely nuances to roasting coffee and it’s a fun hobby. This is a good roaster for those interested in learning and experimenting.

  4. RonS

    Ok, so my first coffee roaster which could roast 4oz at a time scorched and burned my beans. I used it for two years until one day it flamed out and started an electrical fire on my porch. I found this one for a few dollars more but gave it a try- WOW! I now roast two cups at a time with precise temperature control and fantastic results. My wife loves coffee but has a sensitive stomach- her only safe coffee is from Boquete, Panama roasted by me. Great product- can’t recommend highly enough.

  5. Burning One

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     I used to use a popcorn air machine to roast my coffee. While air roasting is cheap and pretty effective, the amount you can roast is extremely low. This roaster is the first of its kind that I’ve used and I’m very pleased with it. Let’s start from the beginning.1.Package was very good and product was well protected during shipping.2. Instructions were extremely basic and used Celsius. I roasted mine at 180 for 10-15 min for a French roast.3. Well made but basic. I do appreciate the glass lid rather than plastic and the nonstick surface makes clean up easy.4. It came with a timer that was in Chinese but still easy to use5. The volume you can roast is still something I’m playing with but first batch was a little under a pound and the evenness of roast was decent for sure,6. Only downside is that it does not agitate the beans like an air roaster but if you manually agitate by moving the machine around like a frying pan you will not only get a more even roast but also help with the removal of the chaff.7. I am over all extremely pleased and will purchase again in the future if this one goes down!

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