GIVEROO Household Coffee Roasters Machine with Timer

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Material: Glass
Style: Coffee Brewers
Item Dimensions: LxWxH 12.6 x 12.6 x 4.72 inches
Wattage: 800 watts


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  • The price mentioned here was taken on 15 Dec 2022
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  • ✔What to do if the beans get stuck in the machine? Smaller beans or rotten beans may cause the machine to jam, it is recommended to sift before roasting and remove the bad beans and small beans. If the beans are stuck in the machine, after disconnecting the power supply, you need to manually remove the beans and then flatten the stirring strip and put it back on, which will not affect subsequent use.
  • ✔ How to make roasting more even? Put more than 400g of beans at a time, less than this amount of beans will lead to unevenness.
  • ✔ Commercial Standard: Large capacity 800g; The optimum amount of roasted coffee beans from 400g-500g. 45-degree scope makes baking more uniform and efficient, and the material of the non-stick pot is nontoxic and harmless.
  • ✔Transparent glass cover: The condition of the beans can be observed at any time during the baking process. 0-240 degrees Celsius is available: Baking is very simple, depending on the coffee beans, choose different temperatures
  • ✔Guarantee 30-days MONEY-BACK for any reason – If your purchase is not exactly what you are looking for. You have 30 days from the date of order to arrange your return and get your full refund.

3 reviews for GIVEROO Household Coffee Roasters Machine with Timer

  1. Adam Miller

    I’ve been wanting to roast my own beans for awhile now. I tried an air popper and nearly burnt the house down. This roaster is so clean and so contained, and just smooth. Finished my first batch, cooked to my exact liking, letting the beans degas for 24 hours then trying my first cup tomorrow. Couldn’t be happierAlso, now after using (editing this comment later now) it’s still wonderful, only issue is some beans cook little darker than others. I think that could be solved if I loaded the pan with more beans when I cook, but I honestly love the mix of dark and medium roast so it’s perfect

  2. Henry Wolford

    I am a small Kona coffee grower and I roast about 100 pounds a year. That’s enough for our consumption and some for gifts to friends. That amount is also too small for you “big” roasters, which are quite costly. I have been using these types of roasters, from various manufacturers for a couple of years now. I usually get about 50 pounds out of one before either the rotating/reversing mixer arm breaks or the heating element dies. The differences between this models and others do make a difference. The heating/mixing pan is straight sided, which gives you more surface area for the same amount of beans. This seems to better distribute the heat, makes for shallower depth of the beans, and more consistent heating. Another difference is the stirring arms. These are straight instead of curved, more sturdy, and there is no “tip bar” for when beans get too high. Curved arms will pile beans up, where this straight does not seem to do so. The arms also rotate at a slower speed which seems to extend contact with the heating surface and better creates consistent roast. It will be some time before I can see how long the heating element lasts, but given the lower price point for this unit, if it last 50 pounds worth like the others, it is a good deal.

  3. steve moore

    This was my first attempt at coffee roasting, and with this roaster it really made it fun and easy. We’ll see how it comes out in the morn.

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