LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

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Brand: LUEUR
Type: Roaster


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  • 【Premium Quality】110V and 1200W. This machine comes with non-stick chassis, and there is a stirring rod in the bowl, the beans will be stirred by this rod during the baking process. Professional thermostat automatic constant temperature heating. Can adjust the temperature freely to bake different cereals.
  • 【Honeycomb Non-stick Bottom】The baked bean chassis is designed with a honeycomb shape and a black food-grade Teflon layer that is safe, easy to clean, and more uniform heating.
  • 【Professionally designed】Heat-Resistant Cover, the transparent cover is heat resistant, and durable, with a top four-hold ventilation system, and you could see the process and change of coffee beans easily all the time.
  • 【Large Capacity】It is equipped with a big tank with 800G capacity, which could hold a lot of coffee beans, you could bake a lot of coffee beans at one time, fast and convenient. The best amount of roasted coffee beans is 300g-500g.
  • 【Multifunction】The machine could be used not only for roasting coffee beans but also for baking other beans, peanuts, chestnut, barley, dried fruit, popcorn, etc. It could be used for a home, a coffee shop, or a restaurant. You could use it to create your unique coffee flavor to your preference.

7 reviews for LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

  1. TitusvilleTim_SpaceCoast_Fl

    Good product, great seller- Only drawback is no real instructions. Generally I found the best approach for Green coffee Is one cup of beans, 230 degrees (in centigrade), for 30 minutes. At completion quickly dump the roasted beans into a strainer/collander and shake them around to cool and let the skins blow out of the strainer. For peanuts cover the bottom with raw (shelled) peanuts. Set at 180 for 20 minutes.

  2. Michael

    Use it at least one a week for months now and it’s working out great!

  3. Karen F

    I bought this for my Dad for Christmas. He LOVES it. He no longer has to go outside in below zero weather or in the snow to roast his coffee on the grill on their patio. He doesn’t have to stand around and stir the coffee beans. He has had to play with the timing a bit to get the roast he wants, but that is to be expected. Also – he places it under the stove hood and uses that to vent the bit of smoke coffee beans roasting causes.Overall – highly recommend. If he has a problem I’ll update the review

  4. Justus V. Verhagen

    Using 2 thermocouples on the plate:Setting measured120 100140 120160 160180 200200 220220 260240 280+/- 10’C, warmer near center than rim.Temp above plate was pretty much the indicated temp.IR temp was about 5-10’C higher than thermocouple.So not bad, tad hot when set hotter!Done 4 lbs works like a dream.

  5. Unknown


  6. D. Smith

    Have been roasting my own green coffee beans for years, predominately with popcorn poppers. They did a good job until they burned up, but it wasn’t cost-effective and required constant attention.This affordable device requires very little oversight, cleans up easily, and not only roasts coffee perfectly, but also works great for roasting nuts and seeds!I had to find my own formula. I add 3 cups of green coffee beans, turn it all the way up, and set a timer for 20 minutes. If not dark and glossy at that point, I check on it every two or three minutes until I see a dark, glossy brown on the beans. If the beans are in the middle of a crack, and there is a great deal of smoke, but I believe they have roasted sufficiently, I take off the lid, turn the temperature all the way down, and let the smoke blow away as it continues to stir them, without cooking the beans a great deal longer.The smoke vents nicely as it roasts, but I blow the smoke away with a fan (on front porch, not appropriate for inside use). If you do multiple batches, it is probably a good idea to clean the glass lid in-between.

  7. Frank C. Schutz

    If you want to really get into the nitty gritty of roasting Coffee there may be better options, but if you just want an easy way to roast without having to know a lot about how it all works, this may be for you. I have had it for a month or so and so far it has done what I need. I have roasted with more expensive and controllable roasters but my health makes it too difficult to continue doing that and this, for a very good price, is just what I need.

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