The Craft and Science of Coffee

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Publisher: ‎ Academic Press; 1st edition (January 18, 2017)
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The Craft and Science of Coffee follow the coffee plant from its origins in East Africa to its current role as a global product that influences millions of lives through sustainable development, economics, and consumer desire.

For most, coffee is a beloved beverage. However, for some, it is also an object of scientific study, and for others, it is approached as a craft, both building on skills and experience. By combining the research and insights of the scientific community and the expertise of the craftspeople, this unique book brings readers into a sustained and inclusive conversation, one where academic and industrial thought leaders, coffee farmers, and baristas are quoted, each informing and enriching each other.

This unusual approach guides the reader on a journey from coffee farmer to roaster, market analyst to barista, in a style that is both rigorous and experience-based, universally relevant, and personally engaging. From on-farming processes to consumer benefits, the reader is given a deeper appreciation and understanding of coffee’s complexity and is invited to form their own educated opinions on the ever-changing situation, including potential routes to further shape the coffee future in a responsible manner.

7 reviews for The Craft and Science of Coffee

  1. Jeremy Wu

    This book is a masterpiece but first you need lots base knowledge about coffee

  2. Tomoaki Nakamura

    This book covers everything coffee lovers need to know in nicely sequence of supply chain with lots if data. It is a convincing bible.Contents1 coffee tree2 cultivating coffee quality Terroir and Ecosystem3 Post-harvest Processing4 Environmental Sustainability5 Social Sustainability6 Economic Sustainability7 Experience and Experimentation: Survive to thrive8 Cupping and Grading9 Trading and Transaction10 Decaffeination11 The Roast. Creating Beans’ Signature12 the Chemistry of Roasting. decoding flavor formation13 The Grind. Particles and particularities14 Protecting the flavors. Freshness as a key15 The Brew. Extracting for excellence16 Water for Extraction. Composition, recommendation and treatment17 Crema. Formation, stabilization and Sensation18 Sensory Evaluation. Profiling and Preference19 We Consumers. Tastes, Rituals and Waves20 Human Well-being. sociability, performance and Health

  3. Günter Schulz

    Ein sehr guter fachlich kompetenter Überblick zum Thema Kaffee.Die fundierten Kaffekenntnisse der einzelnen “Schreiber” sind deutlich zu merken.Die können Kaffee!

  4. Alex Deem

    Essentially a textbook review over all facets of the coffee industry, from agronomy to brewing, including economics and sociology. Incredibly detailed, and includes all references for further research.

  5. Corpataux Yassir

    This book is amazing! The level of knowledge shared in its pages, chapter after chapter, can not be found in any other book on the topic… and I searched 🙂

  6. Julius Fisher

    Incredibly thorough book of coffee: from agricultural practices to the evolutionary background of the plant to roasting, cupping, and brewing.I would like to suggest that the editor begin volume 2! I’m not done reading this book, but since coffee is always changing and there’s always so much more to know, by the time I’m reading this one, I’ll be ready for more.

  7. Superscooby009

    Fatto molto bene

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